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Pilgrim Bandits Expedition
Date Posted: September 4, 2015


ClearTech is proud to support the Pilgrim Bandits Expedition. We have donated some of our Pristine products to help support the participants on this expedition.

Here is a littler history about the Pilgrim Bandits Expedition.

The original charity started in the UK in 2007. It was founded by a retired British Special Forces member with the sole aim to serve those who were injured or sustained amputations during their service of the armed forces. Historically, the Pilgrim Bandits have been focused on providing annual, physically demanding, and often remote, wilderness expeditions for those who apply.
In 2015, a new chapter of the Pilgrim Bandits was launched in Western Canada. As of September 3rd, the Canadian Pilgrim Bandits and the UK Pilgrim Bandits are running a joint expedition on the Yukon River. The expedition includes veterans from both Canada and the UK, currently serving military personnel, and civilian participants. The group of veterans includes five participants who are amputees.
The expedition left Whitehorse on September 5th, and they will travel 465 miles north to Dawson City. They hope to finish on the September 20th.

You can track their expedition here http://www.yukon465.com/.
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