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ClearTech and its employees raising money to help victims of fire in Fort McMurray rise from the ashes.
Date Posted: May 5, 2016


“[D]isplaced residents, many who have lost almost everything, are in real trouble and facing hardships and disruptions to their lives that many of us will hopefully never know.  ClearTech and the people of ClearTech have friends, relatives, and colleagues in the Fort McMurray area that are feeling the pain from the ferocious wildfires that have devastated the area.  As such ClearTech is opening our wallet along with our hearts.”
Randy Bracewell, President

ClearTech is showing its support for its neighbors and fellow Canadians by way of corporate donation through the Red Cross “Alberta Fires Appeal” campaign, and generous matching for all employee contributions.  We are confident in the good work of the Red Cross and know the importance of every dollar and every act of kindness. https://goo.gl/50Nsww

"When man finally learns to control the elements... When the winds will be quiet and the earth cannot be torn apart...When there will be no loneliness... no destitution... no war... When the last hungry man, woman or child is fed... Only then will there be no need for the Red Cross."
Albert Schweitzer, Nobel Peace Prize winner
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