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ClearTech Introduces the Lovibond PVT Series of Process Turbidimeters in Canada
Date Posted: November 1, 2017


Saskatoon SK, November 1, 2017:  ClearTech is the Canadian factory authorized service centre and stocking distributor for the new Lovibond PVT Series of Process Turbidimeters in Canada.  Lovibond, a leading manufacturer of water analysis products designed these turbidimeters to monitor the low levels of turbidity found in drinking water.  The PVT Series received US EPA approval as listed the USA Federal Register / Vol 82 / No. 143, in section 40 CFR 141.74(a)(1), published on Thursday, July 27, 2017. 

“This is a big milestone,” says Michael Sadar, Lovibond’s Research and Develop Manager.  “We worked hard to develop a system that was not only user friendly, but that is able to achieve the level of accuracy that the operators as well as the regulators expect from a system like this.  We’re really proud of what we were able to accomplish, and we think that operators are really going to like the simplicity of the overall design of the instrument as well as the data management tools that the mobile interface provides.”

With an emphasis on simplifying processes, data management, and reducing water usage, the design of the PTV Series considered every aspect of process turbidity workflow.  The system is configurable to offer operators a variety of options including integrated flow indication and bi-directional Bluetooth® communication between the sensor and a mobile device.  Additional accessories to assist with installation, sample management and routine procedures such as calibrations and cleanings are also available.

As a stocking distributor and factory authorized service centre, ClearTech offers complete installation and ongoing maintenance service on the PVT Series Turbidimeters.

To order and for more information about the PVT Series, contact ClearTech at 1.800.387.7503 or orders@cleartech.ca.                     
For more about ClearTech’s commitment to water treatment visit www.cleartech.ca.




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