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ClearTech Industries Announces Grand Opening of New Manufacturing and Packaging Facility in Edmonton, Alberta
Date Posted: September 5, 2018


EDMONTON, AB, Release: September 5, 2018.  For Immediate Release
ClearTech Industries today announces the Grand Opening of its newest manufacturing and packaging facility located at 12720 Inland Way, Edmonton.  The approximately 100,000 square foot facility in 3 buildings features state-of-the-art bulk loading for rail and truck, expanded production and warehousing capability plus room for future expansion.  In making this significant investment, ClearTech steps up its commitment to serving its customers not only in Alberta, but across Canada. 
“Our new Inland Way facility expands ClearTech’s ability to manufacture and distribute chemicals and equipment to our customers in Alberta and across the country” said Randy Bracewell, President, ClearTech Industries.  “Sitting on 12 acres, the new facility consolidates our current Edmonton operations onto a single site. With all 36 Edmonton-based employees under one roof, unprecedented bulk loading capability for truck and rail, scalable and efficient blending, manufacturing and warehousing facilities, and ample undeveloped land for future growth and expansion, we are positioned to build on our reputation for unrivaled customer service for decades to come.”  
Founded in 1977, ClearTech is a leading distributor of chemicals, chemical feed equipment, weighing systems, analytical instrumentation and laboratory products for municipal, commercial and industrial uses.  With a primary focus of water, steam, and wastewater, it is a full solution provider to industry and municipalities across Canada.  From locations in 7 major cities, the company delivers quality chemicals and equipment from the top suppliers and is recognized in the industry for leadership in responsible distribution.  ClearTech strives to provide a level of customer service and technical expertise unsurpassed in the industry. 
For more information about ClearTech’s Inland Way facility and the company’s ongoing commitment to its customers and responsible distribution, contact Phyllis Salisbury at 306.664.7425 or visit www.cleartech.ca.
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