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TankHero Specialty Cleaning Products

ClearTech has formulated our high quality TankHero cleaning products based on what we have learned from our customers in the beverage industry. Maintaining a clean and hygienic system is crucial to creating a consistent product that you are proud of. Soil deposits and bacteria can change the taste profile and in extreme cases ruin the batch entirely. TankHero products effectively clean your equipment to remove unwanted soil buildup and put a stop to bacterial growth. All products have been developed to meet the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) regulations and are intended for use on beverage industry equipment. Let us prove to you that we are worthy of being called a TankHero.

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ClearTech is a proudly Canadian chemical manufacturer and distributor that has delivered quality chemicals and equipment for over 40 years. ClearTech sprouted its company roots in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, 1977. We have since grown into a chemical industry leader with facilities across Canada. ClearTech understands the complete customer service process and can assist in determining the proper chemicals, equipment, and laboratory supplies needed for your application. Local warehousing and delivery services at our eight locations enables us to meet all your logistical requirements. ClearTech’s goal as a company is to make your job easier so you can focus on what matters most to you.

TankHero Products

Alkaline Cleaner – obliterates stubborn soil residue
(TDSFrench TDS l SDS)

Alkaline Cleaner II – obliterates stubborn soil residue (TDS l French TDS l SDS)

Acid Cleaner – liquidates unwanted mineral deposits (TDS l  French TDSSDS)

Acid Max – liquidates unwanted mineral deposits (TDS l  French TDS l SDS)

Sanitizer – destroys sneaky microogranisms (TDS l FrenchTDSSDS)

All-Purpose Cleaner – eliminates grime and leaves a spotless surface (TDS l French TDS l SDS)

All-Purpose Cleaner II – eliminates grime and leaves a spotless surface (TDS l French TDS l SDS)

Power Powder – packs a serious cleaning punch, just add water!  (TDSFrench TDS l SDS)

ChlorAlkaline Cleaner – uproot clingy residue with a boost of bleach (TDS l French TDS l SDS)

Liquid Can Cleaner – aluminum-safe cleaning agent (TDS l French TDS l SDS)





TankHero Sidekicks

Water Treatment 

Activated Carbon
Calcium Chloride
Magnesium Sulphate


pH Control 

Citric Acid
Lactic Acid
Phosphoric Acid



Isopropyl Alcohol
Sodium Hypochlorite
Hydrogen Peroxide



Finish Thompson Transfer Pumps
Spill Kleen Containment Decks
Drum Pumps


Lab Equipment

Chlorine & pH Analyzers
pH Buffers

Other Chemicals

Propylene Glycol
Dishwashing Chemicals

Hawkins Souring Blends



TankHero Information Card

Beer Souring TDS

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